Bin Boxes – The Storage Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Where the heck did I put that? Important papers, screws; bolts; wall hangers; magazine collections; the innumerable computer and electronic cords and adapters that you and your kids have somehow acquired; batteries and light bulbs. If you look in your storage room, or the “drawer from hell” in you kitchen, with trepidation, there is a solution for you: Bin Boxes. Be brave; take a look at all the STUFF in there. Unless you are an obsessive compulsive TV detective, you will see multiple and various containers, filled with a daunting variety of large and small items; hundreds, if not thousands of them in all manner of categories. Want to close and seal that door or drawer? Instead of creating a time-capsule, consider the utility of low-cost Bin Boxes with Bin Dividers.

Bin Boxes and other organizing tools are available from many sellers, both online and in your favorite office stores, and you will be amazed at how much time and energy they can save.

In no time when your simple to assemble Bin Boxes and Bin Dividers arrive, you will find the “inner organizer” in your personality, and amaze your family and friends with the ability to put your hands on just what you need in seconds. Take that couple of hours you spend looking for one thing, and turn your shelf space from frightening to friendly. Bin Boxes typically come in flat bundles, so there’s no need to worry about adding clutter to your storage area until ready for use.

Bin Boxes, of course, are also a sensible and economical solution for business and industrial use. Whether you need to organize office supplies, such as pens; staples; paper clips; fasteners; file folders; binder clips and ink cartridges, or hinges; drawer handles; door knobs; lag bolts; wall plates and electric components, Bin Boxes give you the capability to organize your items in a logical, and easily accessible manner.

Depending on your shelf space, flexibility is key. Bin Boxes come in a wide variety of sizes in order to fit your particular needs. Related items can be organized with Bin Dividers to provide for coordinated and quick matching of items. Bin Dividers fit into the Bin Box in order to create discrete storage compartments.

Simplicity also contributes to time saving and efficiency. Bin Boxes and Bin Dividers are constructed to be sturdy, self locking, and assemble in mere seconds, without the need for tools, tape, glue or staples. The Bin Box Dividers fit seamlessly to provide easy separation and removal of specific parts or materials. Slanted open fronts allow for clear visibility and fast identification of the stored components within the main box. The box finish allows for easy and legible marking or labeling.

When looking to organize your existing shelf space, measure your shelves, determine which size Bin Boxes are appropriate, and then choose the number of Bin Dividers you will need by dividing the Box Bin length by the Bin Divider length. You can usually get the dimensions from manufacturer and store web sites that will provide you with helpful guidance in this regard. Many Bin Boxes even have a hanging notch to allow the Bin Box to hang from the shelf lip. In addition, some manufacturers Bin Boxes can be custom crafted to fit your specialized needs.

Where is it? With Bin Boxes, you can store a multiplicity of items, and open that closet or storage room without fear of the boogey man. Lay your hands on what you, or your customers, need with confidence and a smile on your face.

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