Best Ways of Using Search Engine Strategies For Affiliate Sites

There are so many search engines on the internet today but for your site to be ranked well in the major ones, there are some vital search engine strategies you must be prepared to adopt. The quest to help searchers get to the very target of their search is while some search engines are preferred to others. The search engines are aware of this and continually try to improve their search results by weeding out websites that doesn’t follow proper or ethical practices. There are sites that duplicate what others had earlier written; these sites get penalized by the search engines for the duplicated content. There are sites that are mainly created for affiliate marketing and you must know that the search engines currently don’t favor such site in terms of rankings. If your website is affiliate-marketing oriented, you have to take s second look at it before then, there are strategies that would be very helpful to you.

Some major search engines such as Google recently kicked out some prominent affiliate marketing websites from their entire search result pages. This had huge negative results to not just these affiliate marketing sites but the main sites they are affiliated to too. There is immediate reduction in traffic and the attendant loss of huge revenue. Most of the internet businesses that depend on affiliate marketing are currently being threatened by this singular policy.

For your affiliate website to remain in the search pages of search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google and so on, you must ensure that none of the pages of your site is exactly the same as other in your niche. Make sure that the links to different pages of your website are uniquely named without duplicating what several other thousands of similar affiliates are doing. If you must use affiliate template, you have be sure that you don’t use those ones that provide the exact sub-pages names, links e.t.c to millions of other affiliates.

Another search engine strategy you should adopt today is trying to get as much incoming link to your affiliate website as possible. But this must be done with utmost discretion. Make sure that you don’t get more than 10 backlinks per week at least for the first 25 weeks of the existence of you site. If you get all so much backlinks in one full swoop, the search may start seeing your site as a spam site and immediately apply their red flag on it. You don’t desire that at all so you have to build your links slowly but on a steady basis.

If your affiliate website is built from template, there is a possibility that such template is used by other affiliate sites. Think of making some slight changes to such affiliate templates so that your site would stand out and doesn’t attract the search engines’ red flag.

You can add random content to the pages of your affiliate website to disguise it from looking similar to so many others. You may simply add quote of the day scrip to different pages of your site and edit it t suite your taste.

These search engines strategies have proved to be very effective over time.

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