Attract Abundance with this Secret Type of Residual Income

Residual Income is income that comes to you usually from work that you do once or investments that you make – such as stocks that pay dividends or real estate that produces rental income. Also referred to as passive residual income, or passive income, it is income that helps one create and build wealth.

There are many residual income opportunities that can help you build a lifetime residual income both online and off. Most of these methods for making a residual income usually involve investing your cash or starting up a business that can create residual income. There is however, a special type of residual income that doesn’t necessitate the use of your money. What is it?

Before telling you what it is let me just say that once you start utilizing the technqiues to generate this special type of residual income you will begin to manifest and attract abundance in all areas of your life. This special income will flow into your life in the form of more passive income, increased business opportunities, more friendships, better relationships, and better health. In general you will begin to manifest prosperity. You might even attract millionaires to your cause or become a millionaire yourself!

If you have done any online marketing you have probably heard of Joe Vitale. This guy has probably generated more of this special type of residual income than anyone short of Mother Teresa – at least online. What does he do that helps him create prosperity and attract abundance to such a high degree?

I see it in his newsletters. He provides useful info and sage advice on hypnotic marketing, internet marketing and related fields but he also uses the power of his list to help others. He has over the years develped a big list of email contacts. For every email that I receive that endorses a product I’ll also receive one that helps an up and coming marketer or someone in need.

I recall him discussing a visit to a magic shop in which he had received exemplary customer service while at the same time showcasing the subtle yet highly effective marketing techniques employed by that same company. I found it illuminating not only for the illustrations of the technique but also how he made sure to give a plug to the shop to help increase their business. (I also was fascinated because I have visited this same shop on several occasions and have witnessed my cash magically parted from my wallet following one of their demonstrations of magic. Magic indeed.)

For lack of a better phrase you can call this special type of residual income, spiritual residual income. Joe Vitale generates this spiritual residual income by doing one thing. So can you. What does he do?

He gives. And he give constantly. And the more he gives the more he receives. It is a cycle that repays him over and over again. And, it is a cycle that once started by you will pay dividends in increased business opportunities, more true income, and the attraction of more success-minded individuals into your life.

The giving attitude helped instill in him the notion that the universe is a place of abundance and that in turn allowed him to attract even more wealth.

Many believe that the universe is intelligent and rewards those with a giving spirit by giving them more.

Did Bill Gates achieve the massive wealth he has solely because of the choices he has made in regard to building Microsoft? Maybe. Or is it possible that the universe knew that Gates would be a big giver to charities and organizations and helped him achieve these elevated levels of success? Consider that possibility.

Talk about giving. The Gates Foundation recently announced it would spend $ 75-million over the next five years to create a vaccine to halt the spread of pneumonia – a disease that kills hundreds of thousands of kids a year. Most of these kids dwell in poor countries. Imagine having the ability to give $ 75 Million dollars to a charity and then actually doing it! Gates over the years has given far more.

But for you to start this prosperity cycle you don’t have to give $ 75 million or even $ 75. You just need to find a way to help someone. There are a myriad of ways to do this. You are only limited by your imagination. Once you start this cycle of giving you’ll begin to see the universe sending it back your way – often multiplied in power and abundance.

In one of his ebooks, Vitale discusses how he started his cycle of giving by handing out and giving away books. By doing this he began attracting an abundance of books in his life.

Want to attract wealth? Donate money, help the poor, fund a foundation, give to a worthy charity. Visit or for information on top charities.

Want more time in your life? Donate your time. Check out for volunteer opportunities in your local community.

Want to attract love? Become more loving in your life. Spend more time with your loved ones – do something special for someone else, etc..

You get the picture. Why not start building this special type of passive residual income today? As the late great noted philanthropist Percy Ross was fond of saying, “He who lives while he gives… also knows where it goes.” Sage advice from a guy who gave away an estimated $ 20-$ 30 Million to thousands of folks over a 17 year span late in his life. What kind of legacy of giving will you leave?

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