Are You Earning Gratuities Like You Should Be?

Earning gratuities is common in many types of businesses. The one that generally comes to mind is the food and drink industry. It is customary to leave tips for those that offer you such service. In the minds of many though it is something they earn and not something they are simply entitled to. With so many people sharing that same philosophy it is important to understand some of the tips for earning gratuities. If you depend on them for a living them it is even more important.

Take the time to learn all there is about your job. Even if you have experience you will find each business operates somewhat differently. Learn what the specials are, appetizers, and even the types of drinks that are available. Be able to answer questions about healthy entrees and portion sizes as well. When customers have special requests you should already know if it is something you can accommodate or not.

You will find that each of your guests has different needs, so be ready for them. For example at some tables extra napkins will be necessary. If you see a couple walking in with a small child ask right away if you can bring them a high chair or a booster seat. Putting lids on the drinks for children is also very appreciated as there is a huge chance they will get spilled during the meal.

Having a positive and outgoing attitude goes a long way when you are taking about earning gratuities. Customers want some one that is competent but also that is friendly. At one of my favorite restaurants there is a waitress that never answers me when I ask for something. She does bring it, but she never says she will be right back with it or anything. That makes me feel like I am bothering her and therefore she doesn’t get as nice of a tip as what I leave for other waitresses.

Pay attention to what is going on with your customers. If their drinks are running low refill them before they get all the way empty. I don’t know about you, but not having a drink in front of me to sip on as I enjoy my meal is a pet peeve. Clear away dishes as they are finished with them so that they aren’t crowded. If you aren’t sure that someone is done with a dish you should ask before you remove it.

Should any customers have complaints make sure you carefully listen to them. Just because they complain doesn’t mean you won’t be earning gratuities from them. In fact, how you handle the situation may decide how much they leave you. Be aware of the policies and guidelines in place so you are able to jump in and solve any situation that comes your way. Know when you need to ask for assistance from the manager or owner as well.

If you like what you do then you will discover that earning gratuities is fun and it is easy. You should enjoy other people and being able to offer services to them though. If you don’t like the type of work you do it is going to show to the customers. As a result your gratuities are going to be less than what they could have otherwise been at the end of each shift.

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