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Are you an author who is interested in writing e-books for the Amazon Kindle platform? If so, you may rethink your decision many times before getting started. You may wonder if writing e-books for the Amazon Kindle is worth the time. So is it? It depends.

As with any other moneymaking opportunity, writing digital text e-books for the Amazon Kindle has its risks. You can write an e-book, convert it to digital text on the website, and list your book for sale, but you aren’t guaranteed sales.

A good cover, a detailed description, a good book, and a fair selling price can increase your chance of profits. But, it is important to look at the popularity of the Amazon Kindle.

Over a year after its release, it is still a hit. As long as people buy and use the Kindle, you can make money.

As previously stated, the Amazon Kindle is a popular e-book reading device. Why is that?

It is portable.

The Amazon Kindle pushes e-books to the next level. Before, users could not escape their computers to read a digital book. Even those with laptops were at a disadvantage, because they couldn’t curl up with a good book without a bulky laptop in the way. The Amazon Kindle provides users with freedom.

It’s weight.

The Amazon Kindle weighs 10.3 ounces. This is less than most paperback books and all hardcover novels. As previously stated, it caters to those who want to curl up with a blanket and a good book. They can actually do so because the device is so light!

It is durable.

With portable devices, durability is vital. Those who use these devices on the go, like the Amazon Kindle, are more likely to drop or damage it. The good news is that a traditional drop shouldn’t damage the Amazon Kindle. In fact, visit and they have a drop test video for you to watch with your own eyes!

It is easy to clean.

Unfortunately, many consumers do not consider cleaning ease when buying electronics. Not only do some readers like to curl up with a blanket and a good book, but a snack too.

Visit and browse the reviews. Many users mention spilling a small amount of liquid or dumping crumbs on the device, but they are all easy to clean. This helps to extend the life and use of the Amazon Kindle.

It is wireless.

The Amazon Kindle is equipped with Whispernet. It uses Sprint’s data network to connect users to the Amazon Kindle Store on the go. So, not only can owners purchase an e-book at the drop of the hat, they can do so without a computer and connecting cables.

This sets the Amazon Kindle apart from its only viable competition, the Sony Reader.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why the Amazon Kindle is not only a popular e-book reader, but a hit. As a writer, you can and should use this popularity to your advantage.

Write an e-book, register for a free account, visit the digital text platform, enter in your product description, covert your e-book to digital text, set your selling price, and publish.

Within 24 hours, your book should be listed for sale on According to their Terms and Conditions, you get 35% royalties from each sale.

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