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Most people who spend a lot of time online, sooner or later start researching how to make money online, or work from home. Few first off ever search how to earn money online, or learn how to make money online. Its a pity really because they could of saved their salves a lot of time, effort and disappointment down the road. The only business worth doing online unless you want to set-up and sell your own products is affiliate marketing.

Experience is everything when starting something new, most people would first take up some type of training , education or search out some good advice before putting any kind of money into something they know very little about. So why is it that people join programs online that promises money for doing very little in return. Just because its on line its no easier then on the bricks and mortar streets doing business.

Surfing around the web looking for this type of work from home program is not going to make you money, but it will see you broke. No one as a secret to tell you, if they did you would be the last one to know about it. Dont fall for the sweet talk, learn to talk it. If you want to be pals with the successful then learn how to be successful.

Everyone wants to be successful, in everything they do, more so when it comes to earning money. But most never make it happen not because they are not committed or work hard to achieve it. Most fail for the simple fact that they lack the training or education, when it comes to earning money online. Being able to talk to others who already earn a full time living on the web would be useful wouldnt you agree, you know the master teaching the student, how could you not be successful.

It is so confusing when you don’t know how to get started or know where to begin creating a passive income from the internet. Let me introduce you to the only real money making business to get started in on the internet, The best business on the web is by far Affiliate marketing. It can be done free of cost with 100% profits, the only outlay being for your affiliate training and education tuition fees.

Affiliate Sales on the internet is a multi million dollar industry, more people are becoming very wealthy doing affiliate sales then any other business online. Learning how To Make Affiliate Sales should be at the top of anyone’s priorities if they want to be successful online. The wealthy affiliate university specializes in educating and training affiliate marketers. On top of that, you also get the benefit of learning the tricks and techniques, of established affiliates who have made a full time career out of this business. I’ve been privileged to so much tutoring and guidance that I now know how to make affiliate sales on autopilot, and that part of the training was totally free in the wealthy affiliate university forums.

Here is just a little taste of what you can learn at the wealthy affiliate.

Bum Marketing a free way to earn affiliate sales money on the web. Find a audience to promote to, you can find your audience by visiting forums, yahoo answers and groups, Google trends, Amazon, eBay. Once you have identified your target audience, you then need to find an affiliate product that is suitable for your niche audience. Use free resources like Squidoo or hub-pages for your landing page. Write articles reviews on the product targeted to your audience and submit them to the major article directories.

Although this is an abbreviated example of bum marketing I’m sure you can get the general idea how it is possible to earn affiliate sales online without spending money on web hosting or buying domain names, all article directories will accept Squidoo or hub-pages as you home site, Also Commission junction, share a sale and link-share / trade-doubler accept this type of free sites as suitable alternatives for none owned hosted web sites.

Worried about if you are suitable to learn to become a professional affiliate marketer? don’t be anyone who can read and write can learn this and become successful. you have your own learning center and you work at your own pace help is just a pm away of a quick rip over to the forums, where you will get the help you need from a experienced affiliate marketer.

Bum marketing a way to earn affiliate money sales without spending a penny online to do it. Learn the bum way with the wealthy affiliate, with the right dedication you can be earning your first affiliate sale within the first month.

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