Affiliate Marketing Without Money

Affiliate marketing without money or at least little money is completely possible if you watch your steps carefully. Understanding the basics of how to affiliate marketing will go a long ways to earning some extra income without spending any money.

But first I must clarify one thing. Affiliate marketing dose cost money. You will need an Internet connection and a computer to work from. Most people have these items in place already but if you don’t than you will have to buy a computer and pay for your Internet connection. You could use a friends or go to the public library but that is real inconvenient.

When I talk about how to affiliate marketing without money I am referring to spending no money on advertising or getting traffic to your offer. You will also be able to put up web pages for free or just bypass that step all together. If you have a little money to invest I am also going to suggest ways to spend so as to leverage your results without going in the red or worse, going broke.

Just in case you are completely new to affiliate marketing I will briefly explain what is. You get paid commissions for promoting products or services. This is all done on the Internet. You can work from anywhere you like. Home, the office, the park or even Tahiti if your good enough.

A merchants puts up a sales page for his product or service and provides you with an affiliate link to that page. Traffic you send to that sales page is kept track of and if the referrals buys you get a commission on the sale. Depending on the product commissions range from 5 – 75%.

It is best for beginners to intermediates to learn how to affiliate marketing by joining an online school or membership site. The time and effort saved is well worth the monthly membership cost. If you promote the membership itself you can have your cost covered by the third referral after that you get paid the difference. Again no money to learn how to affiliate marketing without money and even some extra bank!

Most new affiliates use the Clickbank network to locate affiliate products and there are also other good ones such as Commission Junction, ShareSale and You can join these networks for free. They provide you with the affiliate links needed and handle all the tracking and financial arrangements between you and the merchant(s).

To make things easier and to bypass building landing pages to presell the product of your choice it is a good idea to register a domain name (less than $ 10 for a year). Pick one that goes along with your offer and is easily remembered by your customers. Have the domain forwarded to your affiliate link. This is provided for free and no hosting is needed. When the customer types in your domain or clicks on your domain link he will wind up at the merchants sales page.

Affiliate Marketing Without Money and this new domain of yours can now be used in all your email and forum posting signatures, free classified advertising and your author bio and resource boxes on all articles your write in your article marketing campaigns. These are all free ways to get your domain out there and make some sales!

Another cost effective technique is to have your article(s) distributed to the article submission site’s partners. This can be done for less than $ 2 each. I have seen one article become published in over 100 different places in less than a week! A great way to leverage your domain and affiliate link(s).

If you would like to try you hand at building your own web pages than you can use free sites like Squidoo, Weebly, Hubpages and Blogger just to mention a few. These are well indexed by the search engines and can gain first page results if you optimize them properly for the correct keyword(s).

The above is just a brief overview of how to affiliate marketing with no money. Any one of the above techniques could make you a nice piece of change on a regular basis. The important thing is to get started learning and implementing. Most fail to implement what they learn. The remaining 10% make some bank! I hope that is you.

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