A Good Way To Earn Extra Income And Your Freedom – Article Writing!

I am a case in point that a good way to earn extra income is by article writing. Initially when I started doing this I wanted to make some extra money for luxuries, and I wanted to know how to work online so that I would have something to fall back on if the, you know what hit the fan, in my job.

Wouldn’t you just guess right the *%@! did hit the fan when I had been article writing for about a year and a half part time and instead of going out and getting another job, I started doing this full time. I had enough money put aside to last a while, so I though what the heck, I don’t want to work for a boss again, so this is what I did, and it is a good way to earn extra income, but not necessarily a great way to make a living, unless you have a bit more support behind you than I did.

If you can earn $ 125 a week by article writing, this is a good way to earn extra income. This is $ 500 a month and it can make the difference between being able to make that next mortgage or credit card payment or not. It can also be put away or used for creating additional streams of income.

I have taken risks like you cannot believe to get what I want out of article writing and while I wouldn’t advocate that anyone do this, if you have nothing to lose, go for it. I hated my job, I didn’t hate the car, salary, cell phone, expense account and other perks, but the job I hated. I realized this when I lost it and refused to work for another boss. Now I have the freedom to say this.

Freedom is one of the most valuable commodities anyone can have and I soon learned this when my time became my own. It was up to me how much I earned, I could set a goal for myself and meet it.

After 18 months, a massive drop in earnings, and hard work, I am able to look at my efforts and be proud. I am also able to put some of my earnings into making additional streams of income by leveraging, and it works.

This is definitely not the best way to earn extra income according to others, there are a lot of people out there who have made good better than I. But it is a way that I know works, because it has worked for me, and I won’t be the only self employed article writer to tell you this.

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