7 Best Affiliate Marketing Program Criteria – How Do You Choose?

Are you looking for a proven affiliate program that offers an unusually high income potential?

First, what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is selling another person’s product or service through various internet marketing strategies… and then you get paid a commission for every sale you refer. This is a great way to starting making money online when you’re first getting started.

So, which affiliate program do you promote? There are TONS to choose from… but they are not all profitable. To help you with your choice to find the best affiliate marketing program for you… here are seven criteria that your affiliate program should have:

7 Criteria For The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

#1: Low upfront cost to join the program

Some affiliate programs are free to join, others require you to have an established web site… and others you can join for a small fee. Usually, if the program has a fee, it’s because it’s loaded with marketing material and training to help you sell the products successfully.

#2: Good compensation plan

This should go without saying… but if you’re new to online business, you may not know that every affiliate program has a different compensation plan. Some only pay a measly 10% commissions… some pay 50%… and if you can find one that pays more… score!

#3: You’re paid instantly and directly into your own bank account

Many affiliate programs require your sales earnings to be held for at least 30 days before you get paid. But, there are programs that pay you immediately… which is a key motivator to keep you moving and selling.

#4: Easy system that’s already set up

Your affiliate program should ideally have plenty of marketing material for you to use to promote the products. Even better… if you can have a web site already set up for you… pre-formatted with a proven sales funnel… you’ve found gold.

#5: Excellent tech support

It sucks to be on your own. Make sure the company you are selling for offers customer support and technical support. You want a company that is responsive… because, honestly, if you’re going to sell the product, you want your buying customers to receive excellent customer service too.

#6: High quality products

You should be proud of the products you intend to sell. They should be products that you have purchased and truly love. Because it’s so much easier to promote the things that you find valuable. Your leads will feed off of that positive vibe and buy.

#7: Solid marketing training

So, you have a great product and a ready-to-go system… but then what? Your affiliate program should offer good internet marketing training to help you promote the product. A good affiliate program will invest in you because they want you to be successful in your business.

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