5 Of the Best Ways to Earn Money From Home Online

Online marketing has become a great resource of income for those who are willing to be more self dependent and break away from corporate America. Today job security is now a phrase we talk about almost as if it were wishful thinking. Jobs are getting better but are still hard to come by. Yet there are those who are making a great living online that have garnered success and time freedom far more than any job has provided. Here are 5 of the best ways to earn money from home and how to go about it.

Affiliate Marketing;

Some are new to this term but most in the marketing world are not. This is a two way street. You earn commissions selling other people’s products through an affiliate link with your personal id and in return they widen their customer base through your efforts. The key here is to find good quality products that will do people good. You can sell e-products such as books, how-to’s and do-it-yourselves from ClickBank.com and tangible products such as hard copy books, CDs videos, games, etc from sites like amazon.com. There is an abundance of affiliate network sites that have products you can market as well. Just Google “affiliate marketing databases” as a term and you will find plenty. ClickBank and Amazon are the most popular today.

Click/Cost Per Action (CPA)

This is a form of marketing where you do not make money so much from a sale as you do for just driving traffic to a site. In this instance each time someone clicks your affiliate link through an ad or form of promotion you get paid. The commissions here can range from a penny cents to $ 1.50 or more per click on average. You need to find a product that has great appeal and will catch the attention of those you are marketing to so they will click. I met a person once who used a great capture page for a product and just on clicks alone has made a few thousand dollars in a week. You can find the best CPA offers at Commission Junction.com. Others can be found by Googling the term “cost per action networks”.

Freelance Article Writing

Article writing is huge for people trying to promote blogs or affiliate and cost-per-action products. They provide content for the reader based on keywords that are relevant to the title and the product or site the author is trying to promote. Respectable money can be made here as a freelance article writer for others though. I have a friend of mine who makes $ 50-$ 80 for five articles and sometimes more depending on what his deal is with the author seeking his content and his quality delivered. You see people outsource article writing mostly overseas to the Philippines for very cheap. The average payout to a writer from this source is 2 to 3 dollars per hour and sometimes less. Some who do good quality work make more. If you are a seasoned writer and produce good content you can submit your resume in the job search section of Craigslist and beat out the foreign competition for still a decent pay. The articles do not have to be long either. They should be keyword and content rich for the person hiring.

Domain Flipping

This is a popular trend that has occurred more recently. As people have gotten into blogging and monetizing off of them they are also selling their sites once they have build good quality ranking in the search engines. My favorite product for this is Affiliate Arbitrage which gives you a tool to find domains with keywords relating to a local industry in your area. You purchase the domain, build it up in the search engines, and then sell it. A nice profit can be made here. You can purchase a domain for 7 to 11 dollars from sites like GoDaddy.com and then resell them for a few hundred to even a few thousand dollars to interested buyers. This process does not take as long as it appears and is profitable.

Email Marketing

Finally we end with the cliche ‘it’s all in the list’. Having a leveraged marketing list to sell to is crucial for any business. This comes at different paces for people but is well worth the work. The goal is to use blogging tactics and other means to get your capture page out there and provide something of quality for a user to opt-in. Some use article marketing and pitch in their author boxes, others use shared lists of other marketers, some use just normal classified ads. Once you have started to build your list you then use an autoresponder service such as Aweber or I-Contact to communicate with them about products you are selling that could benefit them. Keep the messages short and sweet. This leveraging will help you make your ClickBank, cost-per-action, domain flipping efforts, and even some of your article tactics work more profitably for you.

I hope this has been of help. If you have any questions my blog info is below and has more in depth content related to these topics. I answer comments daily if you have any questions. I wish you the best of success.

Thanks for reading. I hope this information was helpful to you as we both continue to grow in our internet marketing and writing endeavors.

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