3 Steps To Make Money Online for Free Via Opt-in Email Marketing

Finally you have come to understand the value of your opt-in email marketing list. There are so many success stories of people who make money online for free with their opt-in email marketing lists you have finally decide to build a list of your own or monetize the list you already have. Then you come to realize that you only thought you knew all there was to know about opt-in email marketing lists. To this point you may have followed the guru’s advice to the letter and you still are not able to make money online.

The fact is that you may even be in the position of losing money. You might have found that even though you started with a large opt-in email marketing list that you don’t have that many that actually buy from you. You have found that trying to make money online for free is harder than you thought at first.

You chose a topic that is popular and you just knew was going to rocket past all sales records ever set, but you find yourself wondering why that didn’t happen. The most common mistake people make is simply diving in without a plan or a clue. Simply having an opt-in email marketing list and writing to them regularly does not mean you will sell them all on the first try.

There are some simple things that can be done for those who have started an opt-in email marketing list and have failed to realize a profit from it. You can turn things around and make your opt-in list profitable by doing a few simple tweaks to your approach. Here are three quick and easy ways to build a profitable opt-in list or rejuvenate an old one.

1) Your prospects need to trust you. If you spend all of your time pitching them on your product or service, they will quickly tire of it and opt out of your list. Provide them instead to a healthy diet of valuable content. All of which you offer to them for free. If they see you as an expert that helps them with some aspect of fixing a problem they have, then they are more likely to listen to your when you recommend your product or service. Your value to your reader increases with every bit of useful information that your provide… to help them make money online for free.

2) Make post to forums of competing sites. Meaningful and helpful comments and tips are always appreciated and acceptable. Doing this will help you build trust and a following that assist you in building your own opt-in email marketing list. Ask other forum users to join your list. Making friends in this way also makes it easier for your new friends to become your new customers. Be sure to always have a link to your site in your signature or by line.

3) Provide solutions to a problem or challenge that your readers will likely have. Most people are surfing and looking around on the internet for things that will help them. If you are the one offering solutions via your opt-in email marketing list, whether that is some product or a service, they are more likely to not only subscribe to your site, but become a customer as well. Remember, facts tell, solutions sell.

There is one fundamental truth when it comes to marketing and sales online. People will only buy from someone they trust. You build that trust by making yourself valuable to them. You make yourself valuable by identifying and providing solutions to their problem or challenges.

There is one thing you should always keep in mind about marketing and what motivates people to buy. “Pain Sells.” People everywhere and in all walks of life respond to pain. They either want to end their pain or avoid pain. One of the best business models I have discovered is to offer people a way to make money online for free.

Building a profitable opt-in email marketing list does not happen overnight. There is much to do in preparation for presenting revenue generating ideas and products to your opt in list. Make sure that your subscribers are happy and satisfied and view you as a source of valuable information and they will be willing to buy from you when you, the expert, present solutions to their problems.

One of the best avenues to make money online is to build a large list of targeted prospects. Start your opt-in email marketing by offering a way to make money online for free .

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