How To Make Money Online!

I am also one of like you, searching for money on internet. But I don’t know how to start it. Initially I want to make money free of cost, yes, which means not to invest my money on net for earnings. Read what happened to me.

I opened a website with some information on Ring tones. My main target is to place some Ads on my website and get be paid for it. So I went for Google ad sense for content and placed ads on my website. I submitted my website to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN etc; but there is no traffic. There were no clicks on my advertisements. If there was no traffic to my site how can I earn money at my site? There is no use. So I decided to dump that idea.

Next I went for advertising channels like Commission Junction, Click booth etc; and joined as a publisher. Here also I haven’t get any signups. I am not getting more than $ 50 per month. I decided leave this idea too.

I had purchased some money making websites which are useless for me.

I had a look at some chain process things like referring people to other’s websites. I was tired in sending people to different pages. Here I got $ 2 for referring almost 10 people, which is very less in comparing the time spent on internet.

I bought some data entry jobs packages too, initially they are very good but after 2, 3 months they are not sending any job package to me. I lost some money there.

I tried so many things like search engines, emails marketing, Poker games, and some online money earning games. But they are all useless for me.

Finally I had decided that online is waste of time for earnings, so I stopped all these things and concentrated on my medical work.

After 6 months one day I went to friend’s party and I met my old friend Roy, he had shown me a $ 26,000 check and told me that he got that one on internet for a week work. I was amazed and told him about my past experience on internet on different sectors. He told me that these were the things that worked 3 or 4 years ago and now they no longer work.

He had given me some advices and told me his secret behind success. I tried that little secret and got results. I was amazed with my earnings and I made up to $ 15,000/week.Which was very good for me and finally I left my job and concentrated on my friend’s idea.

You don’t leave your job until you become “The best” at your earnings on internet. You can also get the idea for free in my special report on making money online at my website.

Thank you very much for sparing some time for me to read this, don’t forget to take my free report.

“Energy or money not generates it flows to one place to other”.

Ramesh is a web master for several websites,blogs,and has written articles on how to make money online for many years.He can be contacted through his blog or by email to [email protected]

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