Making Money With WordPress And Affiliate Advertising

In recent years much more advertisers are switching to wordpress for there marketing efforts. It has proved to be the very best platform with the most functions, widely supported and easiest to use.

You will find two WordPress websites. and

Just like other free blogging web sites, is accessible for anyone to join up and start there own new blog. The best thing about a Free blog is you don’t have to pay for hosting each and every month but if you’re an affiliate marketer you can’t truly take advantage of all the features wordpress offers and if you’re going to be serious about affiliate marketing you’ll need to head over to for the real deal.

Both the free of charge software program you can download and the free hosting is operated by the exact same organization. The software you are able to download from is completely open source which enables anybody to come along and change it in any way without any legal difficulties. If you are unsure about technology and worried about wordpress i’ve got some thing great to tell you:

* it’s truly not difficult to complete. I do not particularly like the technical aspect of web marketing, yet I can do it. * if you’re utilizing an excellent web host, they can most likely do it for you. Some charge a nominal fee, other’s don’t.

Ultimately once the setup is complete which takes 5min, you’re ready to begin blogging.

Once you’ve it setup, you will discover your blog will look just like all the other blogs on the web, it comes with all of the standard choices like recent posts, tags and other stuff. But simply because this is being developed for marketing you won’t require much from the choices that came standard with wordpress and most of it can be deleted. What you’ll have to do to make a decent affiliate blog is setup your descriptions so they aim at your products you wish to sell.

For instance, if you’re selling Laptops a category you could use is Panasonic and you could also use Sony as another.

For adding a dedicated line of products on one page you’re given the options to setup “pages” these generally appear in the header bar and are not classed as posts.

I also occasionally use the “Recent Posts” feature, you can also use a wordpress plugin even though I don’t display the date from the post. I’ve set up a quantity of these small affiliate web sites using WordPress as a platform. I’ll set them up, do a little search engine optimization on them, then leave them alone and let them run. They’re kind of like having a number of ATM machines that spit out money each month–except this money doesn’t come out of my bank account!

Being in the Affiliate marketplace you should do quite a bit of research before jumping in, what numerous individuals don’t do which they should is use a free of charge blog such as Squidoo or hubpages and test your niche, once you’re satified with the results you can then move to a paid blog and get working, this way you don’t waste money on purchasing domains and time on content.

If you decide to make multiple websites, WordPress is by far the best web builder as it takes about 5min to setup a full website.

Don’t forget to take benefit of some awesome and extremely flexible wordpress plugins that will make life much easier.

And finally It has been proven time and time again that Google loves blogs and they are very easy to rank in there system creating it easier to get visitors.

Jason Timberburn has been within the Affiliate marketing Niche for a long time and has developed a WordPress Plugin about wordpress advertising. In doing so he has gone over essentially the most vital causes about getting wordpress plugins. You will find plenty of information on wordpress plugins, widgets and different programs that will work with wordpress and help affiliates.