Types of Affiliate Websites

Affiliate marketing is the technique through which affiliates or publishers gets reward for promoting and advertising the service or product given by the advertiser or merchant. This marketing method is carried out through web and rewards may be in the form of commission or points. If you want to take stand in internet based marketing and make profit, you have to invest in affiliate marketing. There are many types of sites which recruit mainly two types of programs and hence based on these programs, these sites are classified into two types. These are- Pay Per Click (PPC) and Pay Per Performance (PPP). Later site is also known as Pay Per Action. Basically, these two types of sites provide an excellent result which is depend upon how you use and evaluate them.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

In this type of site, publisher gets money every time when visitors make click to this site. The merchants can also provide or paste some banner and text ads on this site, whenever visitor click on these banner and ads, they gets money regardless of any purchase done by visitor or not. The amount of money which affiliate gets is term as commission and the sum is pre-defined between the affiliate and merchant. As an affiliate, you would not expect to get huge amount of commission on single click because each click brings approximately $ 0.05 to them. But, if you will succeed to attract large number of visitors by enticing them through innovative marketing and new techniques, it will definitely make a huge difference in you profit.

What is Pay Per Performance?

It is one of the most lucrative and highly recommended types of site. Merchant has to pay to affiliate for every action performed by the visitor. These actions may be purchase, making new ID or sign up and using credit card for anything that merchant is offering.

This type of site spreads its wings in every sector, for instance, from education to holiday, to business to research and many more. Pay Per Action site is famous among the businessmen and merchants from the insurance and finance companies who required to sign-up every time in order to grow their business. This kind of sites bring handsome amount of commission to affiliate, which is around 15 to 50 percent. Hence, if the product is selling for $ 200, then they will get $ 75 (50 % to the selling price).

Tier-affiliate marketing sites are other types which benefited affiliates indirectly by recommending or referring other visitors to affiliate sites.

There are many other types of affiliate marketing sites which can be sub categorized on the basis of merchant or advertiser and affiliate network. These are as follows-
1. Loyalty website- it is a type of site which offers loyalty to affiliate in form of cash, donation (charity) or points.
2. Niche site-It is a type of site, which include product reviews and also include related sites.
3. Registration path sites- In these types of sites, affiliate get benefited during registration process by visitor.
Other sites are CPA networks, personal websites, Shopping Dictionary, Email affiliate websites and Rebate and Coupon websites.

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Creating Unique Sites for Affiliate Marketing

Establishing yourself in the affiliate marketing world is no easy task. However, once you have, the rewards are much greater than one could usually expect. Your products and affiliate marketing sites will get you that success you want. But how do you get them to do that?

You are probably just starting out with affiliate marketing by trying your luck with just one product, or like many affiliate marketers, marketing multiple products to maximize profits. Either way, you should acknowledge the fact that the method in which you utilize your affiliate marketing sites is a major determinant of your success.

Creating unique affiliate marketing sites for your affiliate products pave the best way for maximized profits. Unique affiliate marketing sites allow for your prospects to focus highly on the certain product they need or want, or the niche in which that product belongs to.

Further reasons why you should create unique affiliate marketing sites (and how these sites should look like) for your affiliate marketing ventures are stated below.


1. TO GET YOUR PROSPECTS FOCUS ON ONE PRODUCT. Your prospects probably landed on your page because they were specifically looking for your product. They would want to know more about the product, and considering just how patient (which isn’t much) customers can get these days, they wouldn’t want to know anything more. Imagine how they would get if you placed the descriptions of totally unrelated products beside the one they were looking for (for example, sneakers beside a computer)? You wouldn’t want to know just how much that would hurt your profits, except that since you care about your profits, you have to.

By focusing on one product at a time, you give your prospects the chance to get to know your product more. Plus, unique affiliate marketing sites are quite easy to maintain and establish: at most, a day or two to get everything (links, layout, entries, photos, etc..) right. You’d be extremely surprised just how these unique affiliate marketing sites focused on promoting a single product could bring in profits disproportionately high compared to the effort that went into making them.

2. TO GET THEM TO FOCUS ON A CERTAIN GROUP OF PRODUCT. Sometimes, customers who aren’t satisfied with the features and benefits of a product want to find other alternatives. It would be such a sad thing if you cant provide them with that. By grouping similar products together in one unique affiliate marketing site, you can pretty much capture the market, despite all its preferences and specific needs.

The only problem with establishing unique affiliate marketing sites focused on a certain group of product is that they are much harder to do than single-product sites. The work is tedious, and you might end up having to hire someone else to do the job for you, which calls for money, money you would rather earn than spend. The trouble also is that these sites may not work right away, it may take awhile before profits come pouring in, and this could get quite a bit discouraging. If you have the patience for everything (creating the site, waiting for profits), then you could try your luck at this.


It isn’t enough to know what kind of affiliate marketing site to establish. Even if your site caters to a single product or multiple ones, they have to have a certain qualities to ensure success. To encourage profits, your unique affiliate marketing site should be:

1. USER-FRIENDLY. Create affiliate marketing sites that users could find easy to navigate. Keep links and buttons within acceptable reach, and at enough frequency.

2. WELL-FORMATTED. Do with a format or a layout that does well for the product you are trying to sell. Do not ever do the mistake of creating an affiliate marketing site meant for Big Bikes (ie, Harley Davidsons) with a layout composed of butterflies and pretty flowers (this is a thing for the insane to do).

3. ORGANIZED. Keep your unique affiliate marketing sites organized by placing appropriate links where they are most likely to be seen without interfering with everything else. Categorize your links and products as well (don’t just place hundreds of your links under one category). Keeping your site organized will entice your prospects to discover more, and click away.

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